I feel pretty comfortable calling this my favorite Filipino food, although it’s a close tie between this and Pancit. It is officially my favorite favorite when it is made in that hot little kitchen half way up a bumpy mountain road by the CSC aunties, because never once did I eat a better tasting Filipino Humba than the versions from each of the orphanage houses.

Humba recipes usually use pork shoulder or other meaty parts of the pig but this recipe, pork pata humba use pork knuckles instead. This recipe is more likely a pata dish like paksiw na pata or pata tim because it has banana blossoms and mushrooms but it was made as a humba dish. There is also an extra step of cooking this pork pata humba compared to other similar pork knuckles dishes. It’s the marinating the pork in vinegar, soy sauce, peppercorns and garlic. Then dipping it in brown sugar then frying the pork knuckles before stewing it.

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